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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Communication Theories

If there is one activity in our lives that would now seem to be more crucial than ever, it would be our ability to communicate effectively with each other. The complexities of our lives coupled with technology, social media and the potential for misinformation stresses the importance of proper and reliable communication in our nation and world as the key to, not only public safety but societal order in general.

The research and theory of interpersonal communication is a modular field which scholars study to determine how various methods, environments, factors and other elements affect the transmission of messages between a sender and a receiver. In recent years, the influence of mass media, politics and social media forums such as Facebook have created new disciplines within these studies that are yet to be fully researched or understood. Opinions are now sent and received in the guise of objective communication.

Currently the country is witnessing some of the chaos and disruption in cities where aggravated groups seem to be mobilizing their varied protest goals by linking up with more aggressive and organized outfits whose motivations are more politicized and (ironically) authoritarian.

Their communication methods are more social-media driven than grassroots such as the 1960s counterculture. Similarly, mayors, governors and local and state law enforcement officials need to have precise and effective communication models to deal with these unprecedented and increasingly dangerous developments as they transpire.

The information regarding COVID-19 and the necessary guidelines and restrictions the public needed to take became the apotheosis of a major world health information campaign in the digital age of mass media, Twitter and Facebook. The tools we share are as readily available as the necessary outlets are ubiquitous. The remaining dilemma pertains to our ability to properly utilize them and derive the correct results.

Are you communicating interpersonally? Is what you sent being properly received? Are you receiving opinions dressed as objective messages? Furthermore, does any of this frighten you a little?

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