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Sunday, August 22, 2021

A Few Helpful Hints

Understandably, we can all use a tip or two to make life easier, now and then. Perhaps even I can share a few modicums of advice learned from some previous experiences. You might find them useful or conversely view them as laughably trite, but when all is said and done, they can’t hurt.

Why should anyone listen to me? Well, I suppose nobody should tell you what to do, and that being the case, I’m definitely just as qualified as nobody. So why not try this out anyway as I now admit to having run out of wax museums to write about.

Watch That Ten-spot!

This is for anyone who works with cash registers. Occasionally a paying customer will hand an employee a ten-dollar bill and insist that it was a twenty after getting their change. This is often done mistakenly but it can similarly be played as a scam.

When I worked in retail I had a simple method to prevent this. Various store workers sometimes tell me they also practice it yet I’ve witnessed unpleasant arguments over this very situation inside stores or businesses. Similarly, none of my co-workers did it which again goes to show that it’s not practiced universally.

After identifying a bill as a ten, simply place it aside from the other tens, away from the cash drawer but preferably close by. When your customer disputes it, the actual bill can be presented as it hasn’t yet been put away. That will satisfy both parties and hopefully put the matter to rest.

Mind That Stove

If you’re watching something in the oven or on a burner and it’s not being timed, keep an oven mit on your hand until it’s ready. This will insure that you remember even if a distraction takes you far away from the kitchen. Plus- incidentally it’s the latest fad.

This *%#@ Bag Won’t Open!

How many times do I have to assist fellow shoppers who can’t open the plastic bags in the produce section? Some of those bags are nearly impossible to separate, especially as your fingertips become dry. Reach for something wet or moist before rubbing the openings of the bag. You wouldn’t believe how much time and embarrassment it can save you.

Don’t Get Locked Out

Ever lock yourself out of your car? Usually this occurs when you manually lock the inside door and then shut the door with your keys inside. I’ve been there. Stay in the habit of locking the door only after closing it, using a clicker (fob) or the key itself.

You Snooze, You Lose

Do you sometimes wake up to your alarm clock and shut it off to get some extra rest only to find you overslept? When you need to avoid this, place the clock far enough away that you’ll have to get out of bed to turn it off (I never claimed these were brilliant).

I know- some of these seem obvious but that’s why it’s easy to forget how much they can come in handy. I’ll try to feature more in subsequent posts but until then feel free to share your thoughts.

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