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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Power To the People

Lighting is an essential and integral component of photography and cinematography. Its fundamentals and concepts can similarly be applied to painting, drawing and other art and media.

In my own video work, I frequently employed photofloods which are basically high-temperature photography bulbs, to offset the reddish effect of practical lighting sources. Video images require ample light to control shadows and my low-definition camera needed the extra enhancement. Rarely did I shoot anything with practical lighting as those sources are essentially everyday lower wattage light sources like household incandescent bulbs that photograph red or ‘warm.’

Light and warmth, often codependent, are incidentally two necessities that recently became scarce to residents of Texas and other areas devastated by the current winter storm and power grid shutdown. Texas has been particularly affected as a direct result of its power grid which is largely independent of other networks in North America and serves the majority of the state.

Let’s hope those regions get more light and warmth in addition to the clean water they’ll be needing, as they recover and get on track to properly employ all forms of energy for their utilization in emergencies as well as everyday life.

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