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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Never Promised You a Hanging Garden

There once was a magnificently spellbinding garden in the Neo-Babylonian empire— or was there?

Built during the 6th Century BC under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar II, the fabled structure was said to feature a dazzling array of plants and flowers as well as sculptures and fountains interconnected among sloping mountain-like terraces.

Conflicting contemporary accounts of the gardens’ location and features as well as the absence of any mention of them in Babylonian records have led many historians to doubt their legend’s legitimacy. The possible existence of a similar site in the Mesopotamian city of Nineveh supports some hypotheses that suggest it was mistakenly imagined to exist in another time and place.

Still others maintain that the gardens were most likely among many treasures in the Babylonian king’s domain and survived for several centuries through different empires.

History, for some reason has shrouded the Hanging Gardens in near darkness. Perhaps the future will shine better light on the ancient mystery and reveal the story behind it. Until then, our imaginations can fill in the blanks and the missing piece of an unceasingly wondrous puzzle.

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