Selected Filmography

The following are videos Christopher Robinson made as writer, director and producer:


Clip 1: Radical outlaw; a man on the lam, avoiding capture by the authorities, is assisted by a couple of people who believe in his cause.

Clip 2: This scene is a total diversion from the story itself. "I used to do these things where the story would stop and we'd put in a commercial, it was a part of the film, but it's not directly related to the film itself," says Robinson. This particular clip is an underwear commercial--'The Lawrenceville Man,' 100% cotton briefs.

New Home Movie

Clip 1: Mystery involving characters that are not who they appear to be. "There's a writer who has what he thinks is 'his' novel, but the authorities believe that it's about valuable information involving a drug dealer's operation."

Clip 2: Sugar commercial; more TV advertisement mockery.


(full video)
Allergenie will make your wish come true. "It was fun to do these videos, honing my writing, video production and editing skills," says Robinson.


These clips have no linking story. They are loosely--connected sketches, vignettes and mock-commercials with a scant framing device. "The purpose was to satirize television, advertising, art and PSAs (Public Service Announcements). A film about attempting to create an un-filmable film, if you will."

Clip 1: Chaos and calamity occur during a botched lumber deal.

Clip 2: Saving the free world takes precedent over movie-making matters.

Clip 3: An indie producer is grilled by a District Attorney.

Dreamin' Blues

(full video)
A quiet moment in the park goes wrong. "She just wants to enjoy her pie. We concurrently filmed me shooting this film as an experiment so that we created two simultaneous films in one short day. That's why this one seems so simple, it was part of a companion piece, that was the concept."

The Final Dream (Chris' Dream)

(full video)
A daydreamer is haunted by danger and peril. "It's just me walking around, I notice a purple demon figure on a hillside. As a gimmick, we kept the identity of the demon a secret."


(full video)
"There's not much here, just a guy wandering in a cemetery. An evening stroll through an old Jersey graveyard."

Warehouse 15

Clip 1: A road trip film where characters eventually question each other's motives as they travel further. "This was sort of our last attempt at doing whatever it was we were always doing. It was the only one where we all played characters that matched our own ages. Took a few years to complete due to a few people tossing their wrenches in the machinery. In the end, I had over 30 hours of S-VHS footage to edit into 45 minutes."

Clip 2: A cop asks for donations at a road stop. "This whole scene had to be re-dubbed after we realized that we shot it too close to a radio tower and had their signal overpower our mics so that the radio station's broadcast replaced our entire recording."

Princeton in Focus

The following are clips from Chris' live weekly cable access show. This episode featured author and pollster Charles Roll, Jr., formerly of Gallup Inc., as his guest; courtesy of Princeton TV30.
Clip 1: Intro

Clip 2: Historic Tour of Princeton
This video was made especially for airing in one of Chris' episodes. "It was difficult, timing that material so that it would coincide with the exact moment that I drove by a particular landmark, and do it in one take. Ends on a suitably low note as I miserably flub the last joke."

Clip 3: Closing

Clip 4: Promo Graphic

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